How to Disable UAC to Get Rid of “The Requested Operation Requires Elevation” Error?

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The “The requested operation requires elevation” error is one of the common Windows errors that can pop up under various scenarios. For instance, you might receive the error while installing software programs, deploying software or while working with network commands. The method for error troubleshooting is almost similar for all the scenarios. Whatever is your scenario, but if you are struggling with this error, then in this article, you can learn how you can fix this error by disabling the UAC (User Account Control).

Understanding the Error

While you attempt to perform a certain operation on your computer, if Windows realizes that you are not an authorized user to perform that requested operation, then it will stop you from doing it. The occurrence of this error clearly means that you don’t have the requisite permissions to carry on that operation. As a result, it has prompted you with the error “the requested operation requires elevation.”  That means to perform that particular operation you need to have elevated permission. Technically, elevated permission means admin permissions.

Ever wondered, how Windows get to know your user account type and the kind of permissions you have? UAC does it for Windows. It is the tool that identifies your user account type and its respective permission. That means if you can disable the UAC, you can also get rid of this error. That is because once it gets disabled, the tool won’t be in a state to check your permission status.

However, disabling the UAC is a technical method; thus basic computer users should go for online tech support service. A computer support specialist can get the UAC disabled for you without causing any inappropriate changes in other settings of the PC. However, UAC is for your security. Thus, before you get it disabled with the help of a computer support specialist, you must know UAC.

What is User Account Control?

UAC is a feature introduced with new age Windows OS such as Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2008 & Windows 2008 R2. This feature only allows the default Administrator to perform the tasks like Windows software installation or run network commands, etc. That means if you are using a user account that is not the default administrator but just a member of the Administrator group or a simple user account, then also you will get this error.

If you are using a user account from the Administrator group, and still facing this error, then it means you need to use the default Administrator account. However, in some computers, especially in offices, having an Administrator group is compulsory. That is because more than one user needs to have the admin privileges to carry on tasks like software deployment or software installation. Under such requirement, one Administrator group is created, and it includes multiple user accounts as members. These members are also like administrators since they have most of the (not all) admin rights.

However, after the introduction of UAC, this concept of having multiple administrator accounts on a single computer doesn’t work. UAC only accepts the default Administrator. Thus, if you still want to run an Administrator group, then you need to disable the UAC on your computer.

How to Disable the UAC?

Disabling the UAC is not a very complex process, provided you have basic understanding of computer intricacies. The article covers the steps but if you are not confident about performing these steps, then you should avail tech support help.

To turn off UAC follow the following steps:

For Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2

•    Select ‘Control Panel.’

•    Then, click ‘User Account.’

•    Now, click the link for ‘User Account Control Settings.’

•    That will open the dialog for ‘User Account Control Settings’ dialog.

•    The dialog will show the control level.

•    You need to drag control level to choose ‘Never Notify.’

•    Then, click ‘OK.’

•    Finally, close the ‘Control Panel’ dialog.

For Windows Vista and Windows 2008

•    Select ‘Control Panel.’

•    Then, click ‘User Account.’

•    Click ‘On or Off’ link for ‘Turn User Account Settings.’

•    Now, uncheck the option for ‘Use User Account Control (UAC) to protect your computer.’

•    Then, click ‘OK.’

•    Finally, close the ‘Control Panel’ dialog.


With these steps, you can easily get the UAC turned off. A disabled UAC will not be able to distinguish whether your account is the Administrator account or just a member of the Administrator group. Thus, it will not prompt the error “the requested operation requires elevation.” However, if you are not very confident about performing these steps, then better you go for online computer repair services.

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